Story Time: The Cult of the Eye

Unlike others, Dragash was not desperately screaming and thrashing.

He, orc chieftain of the Dwarfskull tribe, was shackled to the altar of Gruumsh. He did not fear what was to come, because he had prepared for this very day for years in his battles against the dwarves of the caverns above. The tribe shaman towered over his restrained form, raising a ceremonial spearhead and chanting to the One-Eyed God. Right now, he would thrust the stony blade into Dragash’s right eye, scarring him irrevocably, but uniting him with his great god in a way no creature but an orc could possibly understand.

The spearhead came down, and pain filled Dragash’s world. Every muscle of his body hardened to fight it, and Dragash managed to suppress the screams that would spell out his pain and rage. His inner being had to become with the rage of  Gruumsh for the ritual to complete!

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